Monday, June 24

How Can I Improve My Child’s Reading?

So, I’m asked all the time, how can I improve my child’s reading? The truth of the matter is that any child who has an interest in reading can be taught to read. You need to start when they are young so that they develop the motor skills and reading comprehension skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. Below I’ve listed three simple tips to get you started.

One: Find out what your child enjoys reading. Once you’ve narrowed down their interest to start looking at their favorites. Once you’ve made a list of their favorites, you need to go back through their old books and find the ones that you know they’ll enjoy reading the most. Once you’ve found these books to pick them up and introduce them to your child’s family.

Two: Have your children read aloud. Reading aloud shows your child that you’re paying attention to them and really enjoying what they are reading. It also shows that you are an involved parent. Read aloud so you can hear your child’s thoughts and words as they read.

Three: If your child is having trouble focusing on a certain word try reading it aloud with them. Ask them to repeat it. If they can focus on the sound of the letter and the word continue reading the text. Kids are far more likely to read if they hear what they are reading rather than just seeing it.

Fourth: Read aloud with your kids even when you are reading. Kids need to hear your voice over the reader. Children learn better if they see and hear what is being read. Reading silently to your child or reading along with them is a great way to help them learn and retain what they read. If you have other kids over and use it, they will also be more likely to read.

How can I improve my child’s reading skills? Use these suggestions and techniques to help your child with their reading. Reading is a lifelong process. You will never read like your first child or your best friend. Every reading situation is different and it will take time and effort to be able to successfully improve.

How can I improve my child’s reading comprehension? Keep the text interesting and the word and sentences flowing. Use your words and phrases to describe what is being read. If you find that your child is having a hard time understanding the text, make an effort to find out what they are not comprehending and correct them right away.

How can I improve my child’s reading skill by having them do extra reading during recess and lunch? Have your child write down words that they don’t understand during breaks. Make sure they have a pen and paper so they can take notes and write the answer. They will be more likely to remember what they were supposed to read during recess and lunch.

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